But at the same time, Forex is a source of solid revenue for those who can play on the difference in exchange rates, making a big profit from it.

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    US companies cut links to the weapons lobby

    Since the rampage in Parkland in the United States, the resistance against the loose weapons laws is growing. First corporations end cooperation with the weapons lobby. But there are also calls for more weapons – especially in schools. A week and a half ago, a 19-year-old shot dead 17 people in his former school in […]

Master’s degree in economics

  • Money Market

    Money Market

    One of the successful examples of Forex trading is the success of Larry Williams (USA) in 1987 with the participation of the Robbins World Cup Traiding Championship: the initial capital of $ 10,000 for 12 months he managed to raise to $ 1,100,000.
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    World News

    Later , in 1997, Larry repeated his success: within the framework of the Robins Championship in one year of trading, its capital from $ 500,000 increased to $ 1 million, which was 100% of the initial amount. How did he manage to achieve such success?
  • Forex Trading

    Forex Trading

    Williams’ approach to the analysis of market data was mainly based on the methods of fundamental analysis.

Many are called the Forex exchange

but this is not entirely true. Unlike the stock exchanges, Forex works around the clock, because the world banks are located in different time zones. In addition, Forex is not tied to any particular place – it’s a virtual market, and you can play it from anywhere in the world – from Moscow, New York or the beach in Bali: the main thing is that you have access to the Internet. The exchange rate is constantly changing – it is on this fact that the idea of ​​playing on the international currency exchange Forex is based. For example, if you buy the euro for $ 1.2, and the next day it rises to $ 1.3, you can sell it and make a profit of $ 0.1. Of course, if you talk about such small amounts, the income is small, but if you sell and buy thousands, then your earnings on Forex will be very appreciable.