US companies cut links to the weapons lobby

Since the rampage in Parkland in the United States, the resistance against the loose weapons laws is growing. First corporations end cooperation with the weapons lobby. But there are also calls for more weapons – especially in schools.

A week and a half ago, a 19-year-old shot dead 17 people in his former school in the state of Florida. Since then, the protest against the existing gun laws in the US is getting louder: students go nationwide on the streets, celebrities support their resistance publicly and financially. Meanwhile, the impact of the wave of protest has also hit the economy: several companies have distanced themselves from the weapons lobby National Rifle Association

Businesses eliminate benefits for NRA members

One of the first corporations to publicly announce their ties with members of the lobby organization is the First National Bank of the City of Omaha, Nebraska. “Customer feedback has led us to review our relationship with the NRA,” the institute wrote on Twitter. The result: The bank does not want to extend benefits for NRA members for Visa credit cards.

Other companies are also interested in the benefits that have been accorded to the weapons lobbyists so far. For example, three car rental companies have announced partnerships with the NRA that allowed the organization to benefit from the benefits. Insurance companies and a security company were also at a distance from the NRA.

The pressure from an imminent damage to the image is growing, above all, due to the broad resistance that is being publicized in social networks against the NRA. On Twitter, for example, the hashtag #BoycottNRA (“Boycott the NRA”) on Friday was one of the most frequently accessed keywords in the short message service.